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Why work with Us?

Our tightly knit team is made up of responsible, independent professionals who are continuously looking to improve.  We hire individuals who are aligned with our vision, mission and values and people who will excel in our corporate culture.  To be successful at Benchmark:


You are accountable.  You understand that you are responsible for the success of your work and you take pride in that fact.

You know that you learn from your curiosity.  You enjoy thinking in a adaptable way, shifting quickly between details and the big picture.  You are always looking for a better way.

You have grit.  You can overcome your fear of failure.  You always go for the win, not just show up.  You are resilient.  In the toughest times, you have the inner strength to move forward.


You are looking for a diverse work experience.  You embrace the opportunity to work across multiple roles in the industry to enrich your career.


You want to be more than a team member.  You want to be part of a community that shares goals, privileges and responsibilities. You are looking for an organization that shares your motivation and passion.

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