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Core Beliefs

All incidents can be prevented.

Leaders are accountable for safety.


If you see a risk, eliminate it or mitigate it.


To be part of our team, you must be committed to doing things safely, always.


We always celebrate our successes and strive to understand our failures.

Our Safety Management System is key to our success, and we will consistently work to improve its performance.

Risk Management

Benchmark manages risk using different techniques throughout the construction project lifecycle.



  • Emergency Response Plans, Project Hazard Assessments, Project Specific & Site Specific Safety Management Plans, Training and Competency Management and Safety Workface Planning.


Field Safety Management

  • Safety Meetings, Site Inspections, WorkfaceTask Hazard Assessments

Behaviorial Safety

Benchmark uses a Behavioral Based Observation Safety Management System.  Since most incidents are due to unsafe human behavior or acts, this system:


  • Focuses on unintentional errors and personal responsibility 

  • Fosters open and honest communication about safety

  • Raises awareness that our actions account for the majority of incidents

  • Fosters thinking about the relationship between close calls and serious injuries, the potential outcomes of incidents and how to learn from near misses

  • Allows our workers to contribute meaningful information for statistical analysis of leading indicators and predictive incident mitigation


  • Alberta Construction Safety Association Certificate Of Recognition

  • Complyworks

  • PICS Auditing\Avetta

  • ISNetworld

  • Canqual CQ Network

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